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Parenting is a journey you’re never really prepared for. No matter how much you prepare to be said parent. Even now, after being married more than a decade and four kids later, I still wonder what the hell I’m doing, almost on a daily basis. Because the thing about parenting rules is, there aren’t any!

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You are already doing such an incredible job. But just incase you’re unsure about where you stand on this parenting thing, here’s how you know you’re a (GREAT) parent:


  • your biggest fight was because your spouse entered the room, asking if baby was asleep…when you just got him to finally close his eyes
  • you’ve rocked your shopping trolley, or bouncing gently while waiting in line to pay…without holding a baby
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  • going grocery shopping without your children feel like a mini holiday
  • you panic when your kids are present, not napping, and silent
  • you cram your entire adult life between the time you put your child down for the night, and you go to sleep
  • you’re always late
  • your kids want to strike up a serious converation only when you’re trying to going to sleep, read a book, closing yourself in the bathroom, or watching a critical moment of your favouite TV show
  • you know what “suicide hour” means
  • things that would have completely disgusted and freaked you out pre-parenthood, have become your new normal (think being peed on and having noses wiped off in your neck in your 20’s vs today)
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  • the more effort you put into preparing dinner, the less of it will get eaten
  • Legos are your worst nightmare, and stepping on one is scarier than walking on live coals
  • when you get in someone’s car (non-parents), you’re shocked at how clean the car is
  • waking up 8am on a weekend is sleeping in
  • closing bathroom doors at home has become a thing in the past
  • you can have a full-on conversation with your toddler while on the toilet (#newnormal)
parenting like riding a bike
  • you happily sing along to nursery songs (and know all the words) even when no one else is in the car
  • you finally have a date night and feel guilty for leaving the kids for longer than an hour or two
  • a small part of you enjoys when your child is sick because it means they’ll sit still to get extra snuggles and love
  • you’ve mastered the art of the whisper yell
  • dressing up fancy means putting on earings
  • you start counting down the hours to nap time the second they wake up. And then again until dad comes home
  • you judge the quality of a restaurant by the kind of the baby-chairs they have
  • you have tasted the formula/breastmilk while dripping it on your wrist to check if the temperature is just right
  • … “Baaaaabyyyyy shark doo-doo-doodoo!” That is all.
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