I get really unhappy when someone calls my children naughty. Even as a joke, or playing around. Because I can confidently say they’re not.

Yes, I say this boldly. And even when you point out how my youngest daughter is pinching her sister (again!), I will still adamantly disagree with you that my child is naughty. Why? Because naughty is a swear word in our house. Let me explain…

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We constantly giving each other advice on how to be the best parents to our little kids. But have you ever thought about asking them for advice? The thought crossed my mind, and I was curious to know what my children would say if I asked them what they thought great parenting looked like.

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Before I was a mom, I would hear parents say these weird, ridiculous things to their children, and quietly laughed, thinking, “I’d never have kids that would do weird stuff like that!” Oh, how naive I was…

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Parenting is a journey you’re never really prepared for. No matter how much you prepare to be said parent. Even now, after being married more than a decade and four kids later, I still wonder what the hell I’m doing, almost on a daily basis. Because the thing about parenting rules is, there aren’t any!

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I recently shared an experience I had – a series of events (and perhaps a little bit of hormones!) – that made me to believe that I’m a bad mom. I had a bad, BAD day. OK, perhaps I’m being a bit generous. I had a series of bad days. Read more

We often get asked if we were always planning on having four children. Yes and No. They were all planned. Some by us. Some indirectly by us. Some by God. But planned they were. Read more

The other day my husband and I did the maths, and found out I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for a total of…wait for it… 73 months.That’s 6 years. SIX. Read more

The feedback we received after last week’s budgeting method was amazingly positive (filled with a generous amount of curiousity, of course!) But it seems as though the main questions were 1) What does an average week’s meals look like on a R600 budget? And 2) What is included in your grocery budget and what goes into your “other” budget.