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FREE Thank You Cards

I was busy preparing some special thank-you gifts this week, and wanted to add that special touch. So I made the most gorgeous floral card printables that can be made into postcards as well.


MonaLisa Mamas Turns 5!!

Five years ago, sitting in my mom’s living room with an eight week old baby feeding happily under a nursing cover borrowed from a friend, and my sister swaying her eight-week old baby next to me in her baby wrap given as a baby shower gift, we were discussing how life-changing, sanity-saving, these two products […]

Dating As A Married Woman

I am 33 years old. Mom to four (very loud) children. Stay at home mom with my own business. Married for 11 years. Known my husband for over 15 years. And I am also currently dating.

Planning is Relative

We often get asked if we planned to have four children. Yes and No. They were all planned. Some by us. Some indirectly by us. Some by God. But planned they were.

Meal and Snack Planning

The feedback we received after last week’s budgeting method was amazingly positive (filled with a generous amount of curiousity, of course!) But it seems as though the main questions were 1) What does an average week’s meals look like on a R600 budget? And 2) What is included in your grocery budget and what goes into your “other” budget.

Saving when Shopping

Let’s face it. Grocery shopping can be a real hassle. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been trying to keep to a certain budget, but you’re not entirely sure if you’re really keeping within that budget and how much you’re really spending. You guess (and hope!) that the budget you’ve set out, is the one you’re actually spending.