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We constantly giving each other advice on how to be the best parents to our little kids. But have you ever thought about asking them for advice? The thought crossed my mind, and I was curious to know what my children would say if I asked them what they thought great parenting looked like.

Kids don’t lie. They definitely do not have any filters, and they will always give it to you straight. So I asked some kids, including my own, to give adults some advice on parenting kids. And these are their answers!


“If my child does not want to eat dinner, I would give her another food. And if she doesn’t eat that, I’ll eat her ice cream!” Nika, 4

advice on eating

On getting kids to bed if they’re scared: “You wake them up, and then you pray for God to make them not have dreams. Then it won’t happen. That’s how you don’t have to get nightmares.” Jayme, 8

“Play more, work less. And no phones!” Alexander, 6

“Put your children in bed, and if they don’t sleep, give them a hiding.” LeShandra, 5

On discipline: “If my kid misbehaves and bites someone, I would bite them too so they can feel what it feels like. Then they won’t do it again.” Emily, 8

“If my children don’t eat their food, I’ll make them sit in the corner until they finish their food.” Mikayla, 7

dinner table kids

“You don’t always have to be nice to children, because sometimes children are mean.” Kari, 4

“Good parents do not skel. And is not rude to the Daddy or Mommy.” Jayme, 8

How do you make a baby stop crying? “STOP!!” Anibelle, 2

advice on tantrums

“Good Mommies and Daddies buy food.” Bubbles, 5

“Always love your children, no matter what they do. And build lots of memories.” Kaylen, 9

“If you get mad, remember to forgive me.” —Suzanne, 7

So there you have it – from the mouth of babes – the truth about what they think good parenting looks like! Advice only a child can give…

(I hope I don’t have to start implementing it all…)



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