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You know you’re a Parent when…

Parenting is a journey you’re never really prepared for. No matter how much you prepare to be said parent. Even now, after being married more than a decade and four kids later, I still wonder what the hell I’m doing, almost on a daily basis. Because the thing about parenting rules is, there aren’t any!


Crazy Store Crazy Carnival

We all have that one place – our go-to store – for when we quickly need a gift, kids entertainment in the car, a few kitchen supplies, or even just a pretty frame for your son’s Gr. R Graduation photo. Mine is without a doubt The Crazy Store!

When Overwhelm Becomes Life

I’m going to be real. I started typing the title for this blog “When Life Becomes Overwhelming”, and as I typed it, I realised this is not true in my life anymore. Overwhelm has become my new normal. It’s my current life. And it’s crushing.


Struggling the Juggling

This has been coming for a few months. Dropping a ball every now and then. At first I could blame it on the end of the year approaching, but then the balls that has been up in the air since forever, started dropping more often. And yet I couldn’t admit I needed help.


Keep Dating Your Spouse (on a Budget)

When I started dating my (now) husband just over 15 years ago, I was a Grade 12 student with a part-time job as a waitress, and he was an assistant teacher. (More on this interesting love story in this blog!) So as you can guess, our dates weren’t extravagant. We got seriously creative with our […]


Bonding Over Gifts

Last year (I love saying this a day or two into the new year) a couple of the loveliest bloggers in South Africa signed up for a blogger gift swap over the 12 days leading up to Christmas in an attempt to bring us closer together, make new friends, and well…gifts.