When I think romantic getaway, my imagination automatically goes to winter. Fireplace. Cuddles. Wine. Bubble bath. Candles. Any excuse, nay reason, to get closer together and stare into each other’s eyes. This was exactly what our romantic time at In Abundance Guesthouse was!

Romantic In Abundance Guesthouse

Driving from Cape Town, the stunningly craggy Cogmanskloof and Cape Fold Mountains lead to the charming town of Montagu. This is where we hid away for 4 days, in the most peaceful and tranquil 4-star In Abundance Guesthouse. When we look for a romantic getaway on Booking.com, we filter by a couple of options. Firstly, we look at the ratings. This romantic property has an excellent score of 9.8! (I can always trust Booking.com’s scoring as it’s the travellers honest feedback, and not filtered) Another thing I always look for in my accommodation is a room with a bath. There is nothing that says relax like a bath. And lastly, in this weather, it is so vital for my romantic atmosphere to find a place with a fireplace.

Booking was incredible easy and all the details I needed to choose the perfect room, was right at my fingertips. (Also, did you know Booking.com will price match? Meaning, if you book and you find the same deal somewhere else for cheaper, you can claim a refund for the difference.)

Abundance to the limit

True to its name, this property has everything in abundance. From the generous proportion and luxury of the suite, to the many treats and complimentary drinks…and a delicious breakfast. The garden is beautiful and tranquil. The inviting swimming pool and social area have lovely views of the mountains.

relaxing at the pool

Adjacent the property you’ll find the Keisie river, with the soothing sounds of water adding the relaxing and romantic vibes. It looks out to the mountains, with no hint of the town in sight. The gardens are well-kept and landscape beautifully thought out. We spent a lot of our time just taking in the beautiful nature and sounds and sights.

Romantic Vibes

Our room was fantastic, spacious with an excellent bathroom and a huge king-sized bed. We loved that our bathroom had a walk-in shower (with more than enough space for 2 people!), but also a beautiful bath. One thing I always know to bring with me when we go on a romantic getaway, is my own bubble bath. Most places do not provide this, and if they do…it doesn’t necessarily scream luxury. It would have been a great addition to this almost perfect couples-accommodation if this was included, but there’s always next time. 🙂 The bed had layers upon layers of bedding, and extra in the vintage cupboard in our room. Not to mention the luxury of memory foam pillows!

The room looked out on the deck and pool area, with the mountains in the background. It had the most beautiful cream curtains, when closed, made the room look like night. This added to our incredible sleep, and almost made us miss breakfast in the mornings!

We also greatly appreciated the complementary drinks and snacks we received daily. It was abundant and more than we have received in any other accommodation. Our mini-fridge was stocked with the normal water and milk (fresh from the farm every day – not store bought!), but added luxuries such as juice options, sodas, appletizer, and beer. All complementary and restocked daily.

Not to forget the coffee and tea section!! We had a Nespresso machine that hubby loves, coffee sachets and an array of teas. But they also added Nomu’s cappuccino sachets, hot chocolate, and unsweetened hot cocoa drink sachets. I am a HUGE Nomu fan, and will always hide mine in the back of the cupboard just so I don’t have to share. So this pushed the romantic and luxury vibes up to 1000 for me.

A Feast For The Eyes

Breakfast is exceptional. And every review you read on In Abundance Guesthouse will say this in one form or another. It is not only luxurious, but every.single.thing is so fresh! Daily. They have freshly baked breads every single morning. Even if you’re the only guest there. We received the most delicious freshly squeezed fruit juices right to our table before we could even ask. An array of local cheeses and fruit are beautifully laid out, and a hot breakfast made to order.

Breakfast was served every morning between 8:30 – 9:30, and although it makes sense, it would have been great to have been given the option of when to have breakfast instead of being rushed to be there in that specific hour set out.

Romance in the form of breakfast

What To Do

Firstly, don’t do anything. Take a day just to enjoy the romantic atmosphere created by the owners of this first-class guesthouse. Enjoy the complimentary welcome drinks, in fact, ask for a second one, go sit by the pool, and just breathe…

But if you’re there to see what’s what, definitely visit the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning. It’s literally a 5-minute walk from the guesthouse. Afterwards, take a stroll through the town. You do not need to drive, as the town is so little, but has all the most unique and beautiful little shops that could keep you busy for hours. And if you get tired, almost every 5th building welcomes you to sit down, enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee, whatever your thing is) and relax. We were planning on dining out, but ended up getting take-aways from all the different restaurants and enjoying in the comfort of our beds and in front of the fireplace.

What to do in Montagu

Another great part of Montagu is the hot springs. We decided to take the Sunday afternoon and visit Avalon Springs, 5 minutes outside town. (Our lovely host also suggested we take the gorgeous 45minute nature hike from our guesthouse to the hot springs, but considering how cold we would be coming back, I convinced my husband to rather take the car) If you’re not staying at the resort, you’ll have to pay a day visitor’s fee, but you can stay the whole day. You are allowed bring in your own food/picnic basket, but all drinks have to be bought on site.

Romantic hot springs

Also, this is wine-country deluxe, so do try a few tastings. Your hosts will gladly give you a map with all the wine farms in the area and will give you their honest opinion. Our favourites this time were, Zandvliet and Van Loveren.

Last Thoughts

We have been so focused on others, and doing things, that we missed each other. My husband and I needed time to be alone. To reconnect. Without our little ones. I don’t even need to justify how much we love them, but need time away, because I’m sure you 100% get me. Self0care does not only apply to looking after your own health (mental, emotional etc) but also to your marriage. It’s not selfish to put yourself and your own well-being first every now and then. (Read here)

Look after your marriage like you would yourself, and your kid. Get away. And by getting away, I don’t necessarily mean spends thousands. Dating your spouse is so important and you can literally do these date ideas at home, on a budget. But if you’re able to get away for a couple of day…think of one or two things you would enjoy that would make you breathe. Search by those filters. Whether it be a jacuzzi, no phone signal, mountains, beach or a braai place. Find options. Then find the one you most feel drawn to.

beautiful in abundance guesthouse

In our case, this was the ultimate luxury romantic hidden getaway that our souls absolutely needed. I would honestly recommend this guesthouse, any time. Winter or Summer. If you need to be spoiled, if you need some luxury, and if you need some time to reconnect, In Abundance is the answer!

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website. (This post was in no way sponsored by any brand mentioned above, but rather my honest review of the experience we had.)

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