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Kid-Advice for Grownups

We constantly giving each other advice on how to be the best parents to our little kids. But have you ever thought about asking them for advice? The thought crossed my mind, and I was curious to know what my children would say if I asked them what they thought great parenting looked like.

Mom-Shaming Because I’m Coping

I’ve seen mom-shaming happen in so many ridiculous areas that it almost does not shock me anymore. Moms have been mom-shamed because they drink coffee, because they breastfeed/bottlefeed their baby, or even till what age they’ve done that. Mom-shaming because of long hair, long nails, and swimming in a pool with a cast on. Seriously?

Things I Never Thought I’d Say

Before I was a mom, I would hear parents say these weird, ridiculous things to their children, and quietly laughed, thinking, “I’d never have kids that would do weird stuff like that!” Oh, how naive I was…

Why Body Stress Release is for YOU!

I don’t know about you, but my body has certainly been screaming for some stress release. The last few months, I would get debilitating headaches out of nowhere, and at night I my fingers would go numb, pins and needles that would wake me up with discomfort. My psoriasis started flaring up, and I could […]

You know you’re a Parent when…

Parenting is a journey you’re never really prepared for. No matter how much you prepare to be said parent. Even now, after being married more than a decade and four kids later, I still wonder what the hell I’m doing, almost on a daily basis. Because the thing about parenting rules is, there aren’t any!


Crazy Store Crazy Carnival

We all have that one place – our go-to store – for when we quickly need a gift, kids entertainment in the car, a few kitchen supplies, or even just a pretty frame for your son’s Gr. R Graduation photo. Mine is without a doubt The Crazy Store!