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We live in a world where it’s more devastating to loose your phone than your car. Our whole lives are on our phones; there’s literally an app for everything these days and South Africa certainly is no different. 

I’ve put together the life-changing apps I have on my phone that, as a mom and a business woman, saved me time, and money and helped me in more ways than one.

 1. EskomSePush – Load Shedding App

EskomSePush is now the most downloaded application on the South African iOS App store, and the second most downloaded application, behind WhatsApp, in the South African Google Play Store.

I almost feel I don’t even need to tell you why you need this app, but just incase you’re a little in the dark (see what I did there?) about the why – Eskom itself might not always be the most reliable source for when your power might go out, but somehow this app is on point every time, and we’ve learned put our trust in this app that ensures you will never be caught off-guard with any load shedding.

2. SnapScan/ Zapper

Why carry cash with you, or even your wallet, when you can safely travel with just your phone. Both these apps allow you to pay cadlessly. And if you’re lucky enough to own a Capitec account, you only need one app (Masterpass) to pay either SnapScan or Zapper.

When it comes to payments, these apps are increasingly the way to go. It’s fast, supports credit and debit cards and is currently accepted by 40,000 merchants across the country. It incorporates cutting-edge fraud protection technology, making it an easy, secure essential.


I’ve written a couple of blogs on this app and use it every time I shop. It does not affect your normal shopping, or require anything else than a free registration. In my first year I used it, SnapnSave paid me R810.82 in cashback.

 It’s a shopping app that gives you cash back when you stop in-store. No paper coupons, no loyalty points etc. Just real cash back on items that you buy everyday. Every week it loads “offers” that you can book. (bread, milk, eggs, chocolates, vegetables, toothpaste…) You can purchase it at any major retailer, open your app, snap a photo of your till slip at home, and wait for your ka-ching!

(Use the code promo code Simonev639 to start earning) (iStore or Playstore)

snapnsave app in store

4. SweepSouth

SweepSouth is an online home cleaning platform that facilitates the connection between homeowners and cleaning professionals. Within a matter of minutes, you can book a home clean for as early as the next day. With the utilisation of technology to connect domestic workers directly to homeowners, they make housekeeping so much more convenient and accessible to everyone while additionally creating employment for thousands of previously unemployed and underemployed individuals. SweepSouth is efficient, and dedicated to great service.

I started using SweepSouth about 4 years ago. They have since added an app where you can book a clean any time that suits you, and can conveniently connect with you SweepStar. This is perfect for the mom on the go.

To get R150 off your first booking, use the code VF3AVL on this easy-to-use app.

5. Takealot

The Takealot app lets you browse, search and buy millions of Takealot products on their simple, secure mobile shopping app. Easy access to the ‘daily deals’ sections means you will always be the first to know about great online deals and you can also take advantage of their exclusive ‘app only’ deals. A great added feature is that you can track your orders every step of the way, from checkout to your front door, right from your phone.

I’ve used this on so many occasions, from ordering school supplies whenever they go on sale, to birthday gifts and general needs in the home. Did you know you can even order nappies here?

6. Netflix and/or ShowMax

Both Netflix and Showmax offers thousands of the best in local and international movies and TV shows. You can watch all your favourite shows and chill with your bestie enjoying a movie.

If you have a Netflix or ShowMax account, you can download the app for free, and watch anywhere, as it is available not only on smart TV’s but also on iOS and Android devices. You can stream instantly or download and watch offline. Both allow you to try a free trial for 30 days. I’ve downloaded a couple of kids episodes for when I had to entertain my kids quietly, and didn’t have to YouTube or use my data. The app is super easy to use, and absolutely worth it.

7. Entertainer App

This is my absolute top favourite app! If you don’t have it, please download it NOW! It is currently selling for R295 (usual price R495), but if you have an FNB account, you can get it for free!!

The Entertainer has been available in South Africa since 2013 and gives users access to 2-for-1 specials at restaurants, spas, hotels and the like for an annual subscription of R495/city. It is set with loads of great features that will make your experience even more enjoyable! It’s simple to use and you always have your offers with you. Exclusive monthly offers and offers from new merchants are added every month. You can share these amazing offers by sharing your App with family and friends.

It will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of Rands spent each year on accommodation, playdates, wine tastings, and meals with family and friends.

Entertainer App

What are your favourites apps? And which ones of my favourites are your currently using? I’d love to hear your feedback so we can both benefit some more!

All my love,


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