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We had to go through albums and albums of photos a little while ago and I was absolutely going down memory lane as I was taken back to a moment in time (or a few moments!) that even though I don’t think about it as often, I can clearly remember the moment like it just happened.

And I know it wont particularly mean anything to you, but hey, if I can’t share them here, where can I? So suck it up, and be in this moment with me!

A Moment The Whole Story Started

the moment I knew

These two young faces. I met my husband when I was 16. Became friends when I was 17. And finally started dating when I was 18. Looking back, it was always such a story of true love – one I never would have founded otherwise. (Read our love story here)

Introducting A Part Of Me

the first introduction moment

We left the hospital after our first was born, and went straight to my parents’ farm. I was tired, sore, overwhelmed completely, and because I was the first one in our (extended!) family to have a c-section, no one knew if my pain was normal. But my whole family was there to welcome and support us. And we could introduce the first addition to our family.

This is a photo of my baby brother (he will forever be my baby brother) holding his little niece. It was, and still is just so precious to us.

Family PLanning Moment

the moment two sisters were pregnant together

If there ever is the perfect family planning moment, this was it. Other than the birth of my children, one of the most special moments in my life, was the privilege of being pregnant with my sister. Our babies were literally due 2 days apart (but born 4 days apart). This photo was taken two days before my sister’s baby was born.

You can read more about our journey together here, but this specific day, we felt like queens. We had a fabulous maternity shoot – hair & make up done, fancy dresses, a gorgeous venue… It was everything.

Going Home

One moment in our life together as husband and wife, still fills my heart with so much joy, I almost cannot contain it.

I am originally from Namibia, and only moved to South Africa in 2001. And although I’ve tried going back so many times, it never happened. I’ve dreamt about the moment I would show my husband where I went to school, the go-to make out spot. The rock I sat on dreaming about my future husband. The whole tutti!

And then finally in 2017 I got to go back to Swakopmund, Namibia. Not only with my husband and our youngest (who was only about 4 months), but with my whole family. See, my brother was getting married to my best friend from high school, and everyone was there for the beautiful dessert wedding. My heart was SO full. This moment, this memory, is something I will cherish forever.

camel ride in the desert moment


I would absolute love to hear about the one memory that stands out for you. So please share it. We don’t often get to go down memory lane. I want to hear and see your precious moments too.



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