Family in Isolation?

Distancing ourselves and Isolation. This has become our new normal. We’re all adjusting. Literally across the whole world. We’re all in uncharted waters. It’s hard, it’s overwhelming, and it can absolutely be anxiety provoking.

To be honest, I’m not scared of the virus. I’m more worried about how people are reacting to it, and how they are being affected by it. Several people have lost not only income, but in so many cases, their actual jobs. My own brand, MonaLisa Mamas, is frozen at the moment, and we have not been able to even sell one single product. That’s a hard blow. And even in my close family, many are stuck with no income during this time. I see friends and family affected by anxiety and depression.

Isolation Might Not Be The Key

This is also where so many people are placing themselves in isolation. But WE ARE NOT ALONE. It’s smart to be cautious, and it’s logical to follow the rules set out by our government. But, it doesn’t mean you have to feel isolated.

When you are on your phone, call someone. When you walk outside in your garden and you spot your neighbour, keep a safe distance but say hi and ask them how they are doing. You are still allowed to communicate with other humans when you see them. Earlier last week, on their way back from grocery shopping, friends drove past our house. They called and asked us to come to the gate. They didn’t get out, and stayed in their car. But they wanted to check up on us and see if we’re doing OK. It lasted a minute, but this human interaction lifted my spirits and it was an amazing reminder that we are not alone. Don’t be irresponsible, but remember that during lockdown, we are called to distance, not isolation.

We Were Created For More

kids chatting to friends to stop isolation

As humans, we are not created to be alone. In fact, we were made for community. And while this lockdown situation wants to force us to be alone and socially isolate ourselves, know that distance and isolation are two completely different ideas.

family chatting over whatsapp

Social media also allows us the opportunity to keep on connecting with people from a safe and healthy distance. FaceTime and Whatsapp keeps us connected to loved ones.

Please know that I am not taking away for a second how hard this is for us all. Entertaining, teaching, cleaning, cooking and schooling four children in our limited space, assisting and supporting my husband while he still tries to work from our bedroom every day, is hard. Overwhelming. Challenging beyond what I thought I was capable of.

There are many days where I cry. Days when I hide in my bed, not even wanting to get out. Days when I shout at my kids, and days when I feel I literally cannot for one more day. I have times where I almost feel resentful towards my husband for being able to work and “hide” in the room while I have to take charge of the rest. It’s frustrating. I know. I feel you.


I am so grateful for my small circle of girlfriends. We are real with each other when have crappy days, and we also celebrate little wins. It’s changed my week to have a happy hour group call with my girls after bedtime. We just realized the power social isolation can have over us, so we are purposefully making an effort to connect with people.

social distancing drinks with friends in isolation

You are not alone. We are in this together. Find someone to connect with. Even if you’re an introvert. (Introverts need people too, just in a different way.) Someone might just need to hear your voice today. Somebody might just need to see another human’s face today. Someone might just need you to tell them what they are feeling is normal today.

Be that someone. Don’t isolate.



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