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When I started my blogging journey as Mama To The Power of 4, I was not sure if I was strong enough to do this on my own. Guest blogging, and “hiding” behind other brands was easy enough as I didn’t really put my whole life out there for anyone to see, to judge, or have opinions about. But also could not encourage others, or help them feel they’re not alone.

This step wasn’t considered lightly, and went back and forth with hubby about whether it’s a good idea. Involving the kids. Him. Our life. Do I have a voice? Do I have enough so say? What if no one wants to listen?

He gave me some great advice and told me that if I were to write about what others want to hear, I will never have my own voice. If I speak from the heart, be the mom/woman/friend/wife that I genuinely am, my life will speak louder than my words ever will.

And that’s where I started.


I have made some great friends along the way. Women I have worked with because of MonaLisa Mamas. Bloggers I have followed forever that became friends I talk to, get inspiration from, and still follow because of their genuineness. And then my new friends whose homes I spend time in with my kids. They have all encouraged my journey, made me laugh countless times and helped lift my arms and my spirit when I feel I don’t have the strength to do it on my own. Because we have learned that we are stronger together.

They are the reason I decided to do a Bloggerversary Giveaway that is different from just accumulating stuff. I wanted to touch someone’s heart and make them feel SEEN like the women in my life have made me feel.

I asked 12 friends of mine to give a gift they feel – big or small – but to write a personal handwritten note to their gift. One that will uplift her, and remind her how precious she is. To impart some wisdom in her life, and give her something to read again and again when she needs a friend.

The beautiful women involved in this bloggerversary giveaway was:

Nadine from Smallberg Party of Four

Gabi from Life.and.Lillian

Nicole from Raising K Squared

Nadia from The Non-Adventures of the SAHM

Karabo from Black Mom Chronicles

Judy from Fun Mama SA Blog

Mari-Louise from Just A Mamma

Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain (also my soul sister!)

Carmen from One Aid

Tracey from My Milk Memoirs

Kate from Wearing All My Hats

Adi from Home With Adi


I have to admit, I was quite excited when the bloggerversary giveaway winner was ALSO a Mom of 4. We’re slowly but surely taking over the world 😉 She has four beautiful kids and a husband that adores her. And because we’re all moms, we know that our last little bit of energy always goes to our kids instead of pouring back into ourselves.

So on meeting this absolutely gorgeous woman and mama, and handing over all her gifties, my heart filled with joy. THIS is the reason I got into blogging. Because of the people you meet. The people you can impart in, and encourage and bless and just totally spoil at times too.

Here are some of the lovely gifts she received, each with a handwritten note from each of these amazing Mamas

Thank you to all who sponsored, shared, commented, tagged and participated in any way the last few months, not only in this bloggerversary giveaway, but other competitions, my blogs, and becoming my friends.

Let’s continue this journey together!

All my love,


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