I’ll be honest – Sleep is probably my favourite part of the day. Most days! So finding the right mattress to provide me with the best sleep, is crucial.


I remember going to stores when we first got married and having all these hundreds of options and price ranges and firm/softness… It completely overwhelmed me. I guess you could say I lost some sleep over it 🙂 And every bed store will give you different advice, and will try to sell you the one that they want to sell you. Not necessarily the one you need.

And it’s like buying shoes – you might try it on in the store – but usually you know your size, your taste, and you buy what you’re used to in your price range. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could test you and tell you what kind of shoes you need you need for your lifestyle, your body weight, and how it would compliment your total look?

Now imagine if finding the right mattress for you is as easy as lying in one. Well, with Bed King’s new Comfort Solutions LAB, they are making this a reality!

Wanna sleep on this mattress?


For the third year in a row, Bed King are running a promotion whereby R500 of every Comfort Solutions mattress sold goes toward The Children’s Hospital Trust. Last year a whooping R253 000 was raised, this year they are hoping to double that amount, with your support and help the CHT upgrade their emergency ward. The Comfort Solutions range is a top quality, premium hotel standard range that is designed specifically for Bed King by leading brands. That means that you could pay 25% less on these quality sleeping solutions simply by visiting a store or shopping online.

Even with that saving it can still be overwhelming to purchase a mattress that will last you at least 10 years. That’s why they have spent five years developing the Comfort Solutions Lab.


Using advanced pressure mapping technology, the Lab helps you determine your unique comfort and support needs based on your body composition and sleep position. You can then get matched up with a mattress that fits your level and areas of support. It only takes five minutes and is offered in all stores nationwide.

Comfort Solutions Lab set up

Each Comfort Solutions Lab® is a spacious booth that includes one mattress with a built-in pressure-mapping sensor. The Comfort Solutions Lab® uses your unique pressure points to recommend a Comfort Solutions® mattress that will effectively support your body while providing it with the comfort it needs. Customers lie on the test mattress in their usual
sleep positions.

Once their pressure map is recorded, a screen displays the data. This shows the customer where their unique pressure points are. The Comfort Solutions Lab® identifies two primary factors – the comfort level of each individual and the customer’s required support.


It’s not only so easy and fast, but so incredibly informative! First, I had to answer a few questions about my sleep preferences. I mostly prefer to sleep on my side, so on my side I got to lie down on the mattress. Then, the advanced pressure mapping technology measured my body’s pressure on the mattress surface and indicated my unique pressure points.

Comfort Solutions Lab results

My pressure map indicated where I lack support and “diagnosed” my support and comfort needs. Mine revealed, in regards to comfort, the top of my mattress needed to be soft enough to remove peak pressure points that can cause tossing and turning.

And with regards to support, it revealed that the foundation of my mattress is so important for spinal alignment and conformity to my body shape. It explained why I have lower back pain from sleeping on a firm mattress – which I thought I needed to relieve my back pain. But, in actual fact, could be causing, or encouraging the discomfort!

When you visit Bed King, you can be certain you are purchasing the correct mattress to support your body and sleep patterns. You can also support a good cause too.

Sleep with this cute teddy and King bed

The Children’s Hospital Trust is an independent nonprofit organisation established in 1994 to raise funds to support specific projects and programmes to help advance child healthcare through the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. It’s a topic close to Bed King’s heart as they strongly believe in children as the future of South Africa and the option of quality healthcare. Money raised will go directly towards upgrading the emergency ward.

To find out more about The Children’s Hospital Trust, click here!

So go ahead, go in and have your FREE unique posture and support reading done in the Comfort Solutions Lab. And support a great cause while buying the mattress that can quite literally change the way you live. And sleep. 🙂 Because #sleepneverfeltthisgood



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