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The Cape Town Science Centre has been around for 19 years (yes, makes me feel a little old too) – opened in 2000 in Canal Walk – and yet, this Mama right here has never been. My husband has taken his class there several times, and both he and the students always loved all the science experiments they could do. And when they moved to their current premises in Observatory (also, almost 10 years ago!), I swore I would go. But I never did… So I was absolutely delighted when we were invited to visit the Cape Town Science Centre!


I was not so sure about taking my youngest two as I thought the Centre would be too advanced for them. (They are 2 &4 years old) But I was honestly surprised. There is so much for every single age. They were all so thoroughly entertained at their own level. Although all four sometimes played in the same, they each were able to experience it at a different level. I truly can’t even tell you who enjoyed it the most.

science family outing


Because of last minute things, my husband could not join us, so I was alone with all four. The thought of a busy play and experimental area with four busy children scared me a little, but again, my fears were unmerited as this area is so safe. There is only one entrance/exit and a kid slipping out is easily noticed by several people and security guards. Also, they have several staff on hand to assist the children in every and any activity or experiment.


I loved the experiment class they did as well! On the day we went, the kids learned the science behind a fizz bomb, and how to make their own. At the low cost of R10per child, it really is a no-brainer. Totally worth it! While the eldest two experimented, I spent some time with the littles, and even stopped at the cafe for something to drink and eat while watching them run around and trying everything.

science experiment bath bomb


Opening hours

Monday to Saturday9:00 – 16:30
Sundays & Public Holidays10:00 – 16:30

Closed on 25 December and 1 January

The Cape Town Science Centre reserves the right to be closed to the general public from time to time in the interest of the sustainability of the Centre – announcements will be posted on the website.

Entry fees

Entry fees to the CTSC are greatly subsidised and only one third of actual costs are covered by entry fees.

Youth (3-18)R65
Family Package (4 people)R230
Group (10 or more)R57 pp


The Cape Town Science Centre also allows you to host your next birthday party right here! You’ll have a separate party room to do the festivities, but because your tickets are valid the whole day, you’re allowed to spend all the time you want here with your friends, discovering how much fun science really is!


This winter holiday, the Cape Town Science Centre is celebrating the International Year of the Periodic Table, and they have quite the holiday programme prepared for you! Have a look at the edutaining science activities they have on offer for the duration of the school holidays – daily hands-on workshops, busking, demonstrations, Camera Obscura Tour, Science Shows and so much more!

girl enjoying science

If you enjoy science, or discovering how things work, or if you haven’t been, or haven’t been in a while, please put it on your to-do list for this holiday! Find them HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram. You can also buy tickets directly online from WebTickets . It’s totally worth it!

Thanks again to Cape Town Science Centre (@capetownsciencecentre) for the gift and allowing us to experience the amazing centre you have created! We will certainly be back!



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  1. Juwayra Januarie
    Juwayra Januarie says:

    I almost fell on my back for the opening line. I too feel super old!!

    I don’t think my daughter was at the Cape Town Science Centre yet. I know Jody went there with his school. It looks like so much fun.


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