Pop! goes the LolliPutti! From monsters to unicorns, each Lolliputti pop can be created into whatever your imagination can come up with! And just like this putti, it also stretches your imagination!

Lolliputti unnicorns

When we got invited to the #Lolliputti launch a while ago, we were all super excited as this product was designed to spark a child’s creativity and innovation! We are such a wacky and outside-the-box type of family, that I immediately knew this product would suit my family perfectly.

Lolliputti launch at Toys R Us


Already top sellers in the UK market, the Lolliputti collectaible putty pops finally launched in South Africa in May 2019. These new Lolliputti putty pops are super-smooth and super-bouncy, air-drying putty that comes in an assortment of colours from pretty pastels to bold brights. Every aspect of the putty pop is inventively conceived for hands-on making and creating, with even the pop itself assembling as a display cup on a stand.  But it is what’s inside that is going to delight all the senses and deliver surprise, fun and hours of imaginative play. Lolliputti is available in three on-trend themes – Lolliputti Monster Makers; Lolliputti Unicorn Lab and Lolliputti Ice Cream Factory. 

Lolliputti Monster Makers and Unicorn Lab

These LolliPutti pops turn children into the creators of their own unique cast of vibrant characters.  There are 16 different freaky monsters and funky unicorns to bring to life.  You never know what you are going to get, and each charming pop contains colourful putty, mystery body parts and fun decorations such as glitter, sequins or bright beads. 

Lolliputti Ice Cream Factory

The ice cream putti pops offers 12 different scented putties to collect including; Banana, Blackcurrant, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Pistachio, Rose, Caramel, Coconut, Grape, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry and Vanilla.  Each mystery LolliPutti pop contains two scrumptiously scented, different coloured putties, scintillating sprinkles and a surprise sticker; and there’s no limit to children’s imaginations as they create their best-ever ice cream sundaes.


What I love about these putti pops are that they include all my children’s senses. And it’s such a surprise element in each pop. It’s not about playing with a jar of putty, but it adds extra features that encourage new ways to play with a toy.

“The Lolliputti range offers so much more than a jar of putty, and goes beyond just satisfying the ongoing collectible craze. Parents will love witnessing their budding inventors and artists getting hands-on to make their own unique and delightful creations.” 

Leanne Gordon-Myers, CEO of Pollywiggles

Creative compounds like slime, kinetic sand, dough, and putty-based activities are a good way to get kids to tap into their creative side, to familiarize themselves with different textures, and styles of design and construction. Creative play allows children the freedom to explore new possibilities, to learn, think outside the box, practice original thinking and devise unique solutions to challenges they face. And because the Lolliputti pops also include a range of smells, it adds to my child’s range of senses involved in playing with a single toy.

LolliPutti launch

These highly collectible, ideal pocket money toys are manufactured by Keycraft Global and introduced to South Africa by local distributor, Pollywiggles. Lolliputti putty pops retail for only R89.90 and are available at Toys R Us stores nationwide.

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