2020 has been a HECK of a year and we all deserve some spoiling right about now. This is why I am extra excited about of 3rd annual 12 Days of Christmas gift swap! Every year, you get to make a new friend (don’t we all need this after being locked up for so long!?) as well as receive some love as we count down the days to Christmas! So I only have one question: Do you love GIFTS?

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Let me start this off by saying how much I love Christmas. It is also my favourite holiday. Everything about it just rings my bell. I love the lights, I love the music, I love the Santa-suits, and I especially love the gift-giving.

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It’s our second 12 Days of Christmas gift swap and we are very excited to match you up with a (new) friend this year. It’s a fun way to make a new friend, get into the Christmas spirit, and also shower someone with love. We all know giving is so much more rewarding than receiving, right?

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Last year (I love saying this a day or two into the new year) a couple of the loveliest bloggers in South Africa signed up for a blogger gift swap over the 12 days leading up to Christmas in an attempt to bring us closer together, make new friends, and well…gifts.

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For all my fellow last-minute shoppers and last-minute wrappers, I am giving you some Christmas freebies!

Because I love monochrome (2018 Christmas theme over here!) and I love you, all these printable Christmas labels and tags are black and white. Also makes for easier printing and will cost you less.

These are all perfect for printing on regular paper, but looks superb on a colour paper as well. For a sturdier gift tag, print on cardboard. (Try recycled cardboard, or brown cardboard for a special and vintage look, and tie with twine!)

Download each PDF individually as you need, or download and print them all so you are certain you have enough for this year and 2019.

Have fun, and share these!!



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A while ago, I chatted to Angie from My So Called Chaos who was, once again, hosting a 12 Days of Christmas Swap in Salt Lake City, USA. I loved this idea so much, and I asked if we can bring it over to South Africa as well. Having some of the best, most interesting and diverse group of bloggers, I knew this would be a great fit! Read more