Black Friday specials! Christmas deals! Limited time offers! Never to be repeated deals! Sale, sale, SALE!!!

This time of year we are bombarded with deals and offers that will eat at every last cent you have, and will leave you feeling bad for not getting enough, not spending enough, and not being the best parent/spouse/friend that you should be.

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Nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense.

Look, I’m the first person to buy a great deal, sale items, and buy into offers that can help stretch my buck a little further. But when we start buying because it’s on sale instead of buying what we need or can afford, we are dangerously treading on sinking sand, and unnecessarily spending our hard-earned cash.

Every year we see the crazy videos of people rushing into stores, climbing over each other, fighting over a flat-sceen TV or a 6-pack of Coca-cola sale. It’s primitive in a way; scouring malls like hunters and gatherers. Biologically they must get the same feeling our ancestors got when they were hunting in the jungle, fighting for their lives…

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or perhaps not.

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These companies care more about their bottom-line than yours.  And we need to take responsibility over our own purchases. Their job is to make more money to keep their investors and board-members happy. But you don’t have to buy in.

By being more intentional with our purchases, we can put more value on the items we do decide to buy this season.

My tips to spend your money better during this holiday season:



Coming from a family of 6, with my siblings married and kids of their own, having my own family of 6, grandparents and aunts, Christmas time can really get expensive.

A few years back, we decided to do a Secret Santa. (We use The last two years, everybody drew two names, and the kids still get their own gift, but we keep it small. This is a great way to ensure you’re not just buying a whole lot of nonsense for your family, but rather being intentional in being one specific gift for one specific person. It saves you money, saves you time, and creates a real memorable gift-giving experience.




Two of my family members are in the process of moving – one in Dec and another in Jan. So instead of only buying gifts that has to find a new place, or something they have a pack in a couple of days, why not buy them experiences instead of material gifts?

Two of our favourite places to buy gift experiences are

Gift Experience South Africa

Gift Experience Days

Even Netflorist offers experiences!

gift experience collage



I know, not everyone is super creative. I’m one of them. My sister recently made her boys a tee-pee. Like, a real one. All our family’s creative genes went straight to her.

But you know what I can do? I can bake cookies. Delicious, homemade, decorated cookies. And fudge. (Tip – made fudge as normal, and right before putting it in a pan to cool, add Oreos, or cherries, or nuts, or you favourite chocolate chopped up in pieces!) Find something you’re good at, and turn that into a gift.

Good at photography? Take a few snaps and block them. (Try this company) Make some home-made candles. Knit a scarf, or make a dress. Build a shelf. Paint your heart out.

All these companies might have some amazing deals this Black Friday, or leading up to Christmas. But the truth remains; these things won’t provide sustainable happiness, and the best deal you’ll get this season, is not buying into the hype.


So go ahead, be more intentional with our purchases this year, and place more value on the items you do decide to buy, and make this year different. Make this year count.


All my love,


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