Romantic Getaway - In Abundance

When I think romantic getaway, I think winter. Fireplace. Cuddles. Wine. Bubble bath. Candles. Any excuse to get closer. This was ours romantic getaway!

Caught in A Moment

We had to go through albums and albums of photos a little while ago and I was absolutely going down memory lane as I was taken back to a moment in time (or a few moments!) that even though I don't think about it as often, I can clearly remember the moment like it just happened.
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Dear Mama Who Is Trying To Juggle It All

Dear Mama Who Is Trying To Juggle It All; Cut that crap out. Take a break. You do have to be it all, do it all or have it all. This letter is for you.

The Only Chocolate Recipe to Give You a Girl-Boner

These recipes are for reals good. It's orgasmic good. Like, your husband will email me to thank me - good. I'm not saying it's seriously a turn on, but ummmm I might just have to warn you...I have made these recipes a couple of times. And now I have four kids. Coincidence?

One Person Changed Me

Every now and then, in life, we are fortunate to cross paths with someone - intentionally or unintentionally - who changes the way you think, live your life, and ultimately, change your life.
Apps on phone

Life-changing Apps You Need!

We live in a world where it's more devastating to loose your phone than your car. Our whole lives are on our phones; there’s literally an app for everything these days and South Africa certainly is no different. I've put together the life-changing apps I have on my phone that, as a mom and a business woman, saved me time, and money and helped me in more ways than one.