birthday bucket list
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Making a Birthday Bucket List

I love my birthday. And even more so because my love language is Gifts! So I plan for my next birthday the month after I just had mine. (Ok, I'm not really that bad...) But this year has happened so fast, I have almost forgotten I'm turning…
my dream life

My Dream Life

Someone asked me this weekend what I imagined my life being like 10 or 20 years ago. And she continued, saying "Your life today is probably nothing like you thought it would be like, right?" Without really thinking about it too much, I agreed.

Romantic Getaway - In Abundance

When I think romantic getaway, I think winter. Fireplace. Cuddles. Wine. Bubble bath. Candles. Any excuse to get closer. This was ours romantic getaway!

Caught in A Moment

We had to go through albums and albums of photos a little while ago and I was absolutely going down memory lane as I was taken back to a moment in time (or a few moments!) that even though I don't think about it as often, I can clearly remember the moment like it just happened.
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Dear Mama Who Is Trying To Juggle It All

Dear Mama Who Is Trying To Juggle It All; Cut that crap out. Take a break. You do have to be it all, do it all or have it all. This letter is for you.

The Only Chocolate Recipe to Give You a Girl-Boner

These recipes are for reals good. It's orgasmic good. Like, your husband will email me to thank me - good. I'm not saying it's seriously a turn on, but ummmm I might just have to warn you...I have made these recipes a couple of times. And now I have four kids. Coincidence?