Durban skyline

Durban is a laid-back beach city with a true vacation atmosphere. It’s been a hot minute since we were last in Durban, and really can not wait for the opportunity to go back again. Thanks to near-constant good weather in this cool and coastal town, Durban sees tourists in their droves year on year. Expect […]


Meal and Snack Planning

The feedback we received after last week’s budgeting method was amazingly positive (filled with a generous amount of curiousity, of course!) But it seems as though the main questions were 1) What does an average week’s meals look like on a R600 budget? And 2) What is included in your grocery budget and what goes into your “other” budget.

Saving when Shopping

Let’s face it. Grocery shopping can be a real hassle. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been trying to keep to a certain budget, but you’re not entirely sure if you’re really keeping within that budget and how much you’re really spending. You guess (and hope!) that the budget you’ve set out, is the one you’re actually spending.