Durban skyline

Durban is a laid-back beach city with a true vacation atmosphere. It’s been a hot minute since we were last in Durban, and really can not wait for the opportunity to go back again. Thanks to near-constant good weather in this cool and coastal town, Durban sees tourists in their droves year on year. Expect […]

family kids fighting

Fighting Is Good

I often get asked the question, “How do I get my child to stop fighting with his/her sibling?” Short answer; Don’t. Fighting isn’t just inevitable – its’ educational. I am a mom of four children aged between 3 and 9 years…

Time To Talk

The last two weeks have been filled with people raising their voices with regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. And whilst so many people responded fast and loud with posts all over all social media platforms, others were slightly less…
recipe rationfriendly
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#RationFriendly Lockdown Recipes with FLAIR

When Lockdown started, I was excited to try all the recipes! I dusted off my old recipe books, and thanks to Instagram and TikTok, I had another 100 new ideas I wanted to try. Fancy, hard, easy, rationfriendly, limited ingredients; it all!!…

How To Make Money While Spending Money

Spending money is something we're all pretty good at. Even if we don't always like spending it, as it gets less and less, I'm certain we're pretty much level: EXPERT. (At least that what my husband believes about me!) But I always believe…
Family in Isolation?

It’s Social Distancing, Not Social Isolation

Distancing ourselves and Isolation. This has become our new normal. We're all adjusting. Literally across the whole world. We're all in uncharted waters. It's hard, it's overwhelming, and it can absolutely be anxiety provoking.
Kiss me with your words

10 Words He Needs To Hear

My husband says I talk a lot. I say a lot of things. All the time. Can anyone relate? Chances are, you’ve probably also said some words to your husband that you wish you hadn’t. Words that slipped out. Words that might’ve even hurt him.…