Thinking, or preparing to send your little one to Preschool in the next few months? Mom of 7, Judy – blogger @funmammasa – wrote this incredibly insightful post on saving towards and saving when putting your toddler into preschool. It was first published on her website, Mamma & Bear, and is re-published on Mama To The Power of 4 with her permission.

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This Easter, the kids wanted to create some interesting bunny projects, and Emily has been asking for weeks to do some “arts and GRAFTS” 🙂 We wanted them to get to know the real meaning behind Easter, and not just connect it with chocolates and bunnies as most do. So my husband suggested combining the two by spending some time doing fun projects, but at the same time, connect with them where they’re at and tell them about the real reason we celebrate Easter, and do everything else: Jesus.

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When I started dating my (now) husband just over 15 years ago, I was a Grade 12 student with a part-time job as a waitress, and he was an assistant teacher. (More on this interesting love story in the next blog!) So as you can guess, our dates weren’t extravagant. We got seriously creative with our …budget dates without it ever feeling cheap. After a decade (++), I am still dating my husband and here are our top tips and ideas!

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Every January the memes start, and the month seems longer than the ones before, and we swear next year we’ll be better with our money. So many of us get January’s paycheck earlier in December, and although we know it’s supposed to stay in our account till January, the self-control is weak. And we dip into next month’s salary… And come January, we feel the Wallet Hangover.

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Over the last four days, out of our four children, we had three sick littles with one ending up in hospital. And no one saw it coming! What happened to our healthy children?  Read more

(Budgeting Tips)


If you read my blogs on how I cut my grocery budget in half, your curiosity most probably got the better of you, and you wanted to see if my method can actually help you save as well… I am certain you were just as surprised as I was the first time I tried this. IT WORKS!!

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With rising temperatures and an influx of bikini babes on your Instagram feed, it can be a heart palpitating time for us busy moms as we haven’t gotten around to our beauty Summer-prepping! (…yet again) Read more

We were recently so inspired by The Budget Mom – how she paid off over $25 000 of credit card debt off within 4 months, that we started believing we could too. Read more

I was busy preparing some special thank-you gifts this week, and wanted to add that special touch. So I made the most gorgeous floral card printables that can be made into postcards as well. Read more

The feedback we received after last week’s budgeting method was amazingly positive (filled with a generous amount of curiousity, of course!) But it seems as though the main questions were 1) What does an average week’s meals look like on a R600 budget? And 2) What is included in your grocery budget and what goes into your “other” budget.