When Lockdown started, I was excited to try all the recipes! I dusted off my old recipe books, and thanks to Instagram and TikTok, I had another 100 new ideas I wanted to try. Fancy, hard, easy, rationfriendly, limited ingredients; it all!! But – I’ll be honest – the novelty wore off quickly – and we were back to our normal meal recipes. And soon after that – as many of you can probably relate – I was so sick of making food for my family of 6, and we went to doing cereal for any meal of the day, 2 minute noodles, and eggs on toast.

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The feedback we received after last week’s budgeting method was amazingly positive (filled with a generous amount of curiousity, of course!) But it seems as though the main questions were 1) What does an average week’s meals look like on a R600 budget? And 2) What is included in your grocery budget and what goes into your “other” budget.