Are you also going a little crazy for these adorable little woodland creatures that we are just seeing everywhere at the moment? So am I! That’s why I am giving you some free printable to use wherever you want!


With these clear backgrounds, you can copy these woodland creatures onto your child’s next birthday invite, baby-shower decor, school project – whatever you fancy!


This is what we did for our little ones’ undies/sock drawer:

woodland creatures background


If you like what you see, and want ALL 24 .png images for free, fill in your details below to receive the password for the gorgeous downloads.

(We want to keep this exclusive for you, so have password-protected the page)



I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t be shy – tag me in your ideas! (@simone_mama_to_the_power_of_4) or post it on my Facebook page!




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