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Happy Cows, Happy Lives

How often do you think about the cows that gives us the milk and other dairy products? Not that often, right? Because if we give it too much thought, we tend to think of those mass-farming movies we've seen. Where cows walk around in their own filth, and are milked basically 24/7. BUT NOT THIS FARM.

Connecting With Your Kid

Last year, my husband and I started having Alone Time (quality time) with our kids when we noticed they were more whiney, aggitated with each other, and just generally more difficult for no reason. Because it was unlike our children (you know your kids and their normal irritability, and when something else is going on) we decided to spend one-on-one time with each of our children to get to the bottom.

10 Kid Date and Quality Time Ideas

Kids are challenging. Each is unique, and has special needs that you must recognize and celebrate. It’s really hard to do that in the middle of the grind. Spending one-on-one quality time with our kids is one of the greatest gifts we…

How To Save When Putting Your Toddler Into Preschool

Thinking, or preparing to send your little one to Preschool in the next few months? Mom of 7, Judy - blogger @funmammasa - wrote this incredibly insightful post on saving towards and saving when putting your toddler into preschool.
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Life Is Washable

Ever just had your kids get out of the bath, washed their hair...and while you're getting the last one dressed, you hear them playing outside...In the sandpit? It's those moments we hear our own mother's words repeat themselves through our…
children's advice

Kid-Advice for Grownups

We constantly giving each other advice on how to be the best parents to our little kids. But have you ever thought about asking them for advice? The thought crossed my mind, and I was curious to know what my children would say if I asked them…