One Person Changed Me

Every now and then, in life, we are fortunate to cross paths with someone - intentionally or unintentionally - who changes the way you think, live your life, and ultimately, change your life.
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Life-changing Apps You Need!

We live in a world where it's more devastating to loose your phone than your car. Our whole lives are on our phones; there’s literally an app for everything these days and South Africa certainly is no different. I've put together the life-changing apps I have on my phone that, as a mom and a business woman, saved me time, and money and helped me in more ways than one.

The Exclusive Why Behind the I

6 years ago when I started MonaLisa Mamas, blogging was a part time gig. So I was clearly already bitten by the blog-bug by the time I started my own blog.

I Dated My Teacher

Ever seen those love movies where the hottie-teacher is every student in his class' little secret dream? It sure was mine. And even though I thought it would never happen, yes...I dated a teacher. Spoiler alert: We married and lived happily…
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20 Questions To Ask Your Dad

This Father's Day, I have something else in mind. And aside from the gifts/presents, I wanted my Dad to feel SEEN. To know that he matters. So I made a date with my dad, and asked him some questions I've always wanted to know. This was so special and connected us on another level, that I wanted to share it with you and perhaps allow you to get to know your dad a little better too.
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It’s All About The Gift

With Father's Day right around the corner, you're probably also looking for the perfect little gift to show your Dad how much he means to you. Well, the search is over!