With rising temperatures and an influx of bikini babes on your Instagram feed, it can be a heart palpitating time for us busy moms as we haven’t gotten around to our beauty Summer-prepping! (…yet again)

And with year-end on the horizon, social commitments on the increase and Christmas gifts lurking in your subconscious, there just isn’t time or money to be spent in the Spa. (sigh)


Here are a couple of pointers for some DIY, affordable beauty enhancements:


*Summer is All About Skin!

A good body exfoliation enhances your youthful, radiant glow. It also preps your skin for a smoother application/absorption of any other products you might be applying after. (eg. self tan, spray tan) Do you have some extra sugar or salt in your kitchen cupboard? Fab! Add some to your normal body lotion, and Voila! Get scrubbing in the shower. It’s dissolvable, too, leaving you with NO mess.
homemade sugar scrub
homemade beauty sugar scrubhomemade scrub on feet


With our climate it’s really important to use an SPF! Many of us tend to skip this beauty step because who has time to layer yet another product, and doesn’t my foundation contain it anyway? It might, yet the factor present is way too low, which still exposes you to those harmful rays! Another common  concern with the use of SPF is that many feel that it’s too heavy and your pores get clogged leading to reoccurring breakouts.
My GO-TO choice of sunscreen would definitely be a product called HELIOCARE. Best invention EVER! With its diverse range, it caters for all skin types, providing gel, cream, compact, capsules, spray and tinted formulas!! All while keeping your skin nourished and moisturised too (SPF ranging from 30 Up) It’s a beauty MUST HAVE.

*Tissue Oil is Your Beauty Friend

Add a few drops of tissue oil to your body lotion upon application to create that sleek skin before you slip into that cocktail dress. Model-body!
tissue oils

*Beautify Your Feet

Used your heel to ease that itch on your leg lately? Then it’s definitely time for this quick and easy home remedy.
Mix 1/4 cup of any kind Listerine (Yes, that’s right!) with a 1/4cup vinegar and a 1/2 cup warm water. Soak your feet for 10 minutes while watching your favourite series. The dead skin cells will practically wipe off!!
Listerene, vinegar and warm water
feet in listerene-foot treatment

*Quick-Dry Sprays

This is so useful to have around whenever you’re painting your nails and are prone to smudging. There’s nothing more frustrating than a smudge after your time-consuming precision paint! Simply spray on nails after you’re done and it cuts the drying time in half!
quickdry spray bottle from Sorbet

*Scintillating Lashes

We all deserve that perfect beauty wink. The more dramatic the better right? Simply apply your mascara by using the tip of the brush. I find most of the product accumulates there, which immediately applies about 2-3 layers worth of product with one stroke!

Woman applying mascara on her long eyelashes

Simone trying this tip and nailing it!

Simone trying this tip and nailing it!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I sincerely hope that these beauty tips can add to your summer confidence, even if it’s just a little bit. It all counts! And investing a little snippet of the day to yourself really goes a long way. Remember, you deserve the best version of yourself. So get pampering!
Yours in beauty,


About Grizelda

Hi! My Name is Grizelda.
In 2005 I graduated from the International Academy of Health & Skin Care and have been working as a Beauty Therapist since, doing an array of treatments in the industry.
My journey started in a Medical environment, in which Endermologie became my main focus. After a few years I gravitated toward a more holistic approach and ended up in the 5-Star Spa environment. This truly was an exciting time as I got to meet & treat some of Hollywood’s finest!
After 10 years of Cape Towns hustle & bustle I craved a change of scenery and found myself back in my hometown (Swakopmund, Namibia) for the next 4years. Now that I have settled down and started my own family, I’m back in the beautiful Cape and have geared toward self-employment. It totally simplifies keeping the balance, and I couldn’t be happier!
If you want to contact Grizelda, follow her on Instagram or Email her directly
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